Mouth Guard

Mouth Guard

Dental Mouth Guard Scarborough

Individuals that grind their teeth are subject to discomfort in the jaw as well as at risk of obtaining migraine headaches. Regarding this sort of situation we propose that the affected person get fitted for a dental mourth guard, this would assist with teeth grinding and also clinching the jaws which may be a common issue that is linked to stress.

If an individual suffers from these kinds of conditions you might experience discomfort in the jaw, grinding sounds coming from your teeth, facial pain and swelling. In most cases teeth grinding takes place during sleep, it can be the result of a assortment of scenarios for example stress, anxiety, possibly even through habit.

This situation can result in more challenges for example damaging dental fillings, wearing down teeth enamel and might possibly trigger tooth sensitivity.

Our Dental office can customize your dental mouth guard to complement the shape of your mouth. The mouth guard can be made for heavy, moderate and light grinding of the teeth. Mouth guards are quite sturdy and can last for up to 10 years. Mouth guards are also easy to wear.

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