iTero Intraoral Digital Scanner Scarborough

By utilizing modern dental technology, dentist can now use a small hand held device known as the iTero Digital Scanner can capture the architecture of your mouth including the teeth and the gums. While the scanner is in use, it can be stopped and restarted several times as required without causing an interruption.

The scanning is done with a radiation free laser and only takes a few minutes to complete. The result is an accurate 3D digital impression of your teeth as well as the arrangements of the soft tissues.

Within the iTero Digital Scanner software, your dentist can review the scans as well as a 3D model of your teeth directly on the screen.

The iTero digital scanner has several benefits for orthodontic treatments. It is very comfortable and safe. It’s very accurate as it provides detailed results and finally it’s very fast as you can see the digital scans instantly on the screen.

To learn more about iTero Digital Scanner, click on the video below.

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